New product line of PRIMA luminaires

Our popular and traditional PRIMA LED luminaires, which have enjoyed your favour for over 14 years, have now grown up. Thanks to many years of experience and your feedback, we have improved them and taken them even further.

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New product line of PRIMA luminaires

We have prepared for you a new generation of PRIMA luminaires that builds on the proven quality you have become used to with us, and at the same time brings a number of innovations and improvements. We believe that the new product line of PRIMA luminaires will become your favourite lighting for years to come.


New PRIMA - advantages over the previous PRIMA LED version!

The new PRIMA luminaires are here to provide you with not only quality lighting, but also a modern design that fits into any environment. 

Thank you for your long-standing trust and we look forward to your feedback on our new product line of PRIMA luminaires.

Give your space the light it deserves!

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