About us

Founded in 1990, we are an entirely Czech company focusing on the manufacture of a wide assortment of industrial and interior light fittings. Our research and development is built on expertise and protected know-how.

Our cutting-edge technologies and strong work ethic enable us to manufacture high-quality products that bring light into the lives of all our customers in over 60 world countries.

Our company in numbers

34.8 million €

yearly turnover

70% - 65 countries

export share

230 - 250


7275 m2

production area

8718 m2

storage area

1980 m2


Goals of the company

The company's goal is to offer top-quality light fittings at competitive prices while doing the utmost to protect the environment.

Why chose our lights?

  • Unique technology – with a patent pending nano-optic structure in the diffuser
  • Modern technology – the latest injection moulding technologies, automated and robotised workstations
  • Rich history and experience – we have been manufacturing industrial light fittings since 1994, LED light fittings since 2013
  • European / Czech quality – most of the light fittings offered are developed and manufactured in the hearth of Europe, Czech Republic
  • Modern technologies – we make use of the newest technologies and robotic workplaces
  • Branded components – we use components of renowned brands (Osram, Phillips, etc.)
  • Quality – we put great emphasis on quality comparable to top-class world manufacturers for competitive prices
  • Productivity – we make more than 4 500 light fittings per day on average
  • Own development – we dispose of an extensive background of premises with top-class equipment, serving for implementation of applied research and experimental development including execution of key measurement and tests
  • Regular quality certification – ISO 9001:2016, 45001:2018
  • Environment responsibility – ISO 14001:2016 certification

Manufacturer of light fittings

We offer a wide range of powerful LED light fittings with low power consumption, with particular focus on dustproof and water-resistant light fittings with high IP rating (up to IP69). The range also includes interior light fittings, emergency lighting, floodlights and road lighting. Supply of light fittings including designs for the control system and calculations of return on investment.

A satisfied customer is our priority!

We can cover the lighting needs of even high demand projects where light fittings are placed in extreme environments such as freezer rooms, bakeries or chemical processing or manufacturing plants. We can light even large industrial complexes, farm buildings, shopping centres or sports venues.

Our production of TREVOS brand industrial light fittings meets the three fundamental requirements for quality and utility: our light fittings are dustproof, water-resistant and impact-resistant. Enclosure ratings of up to IP69.