Mixed Use Towers
Mixed Use Towers Dubai

TREVOS produces fluorescent and more economical LED light fittings, intended for lighting of factories, warehouses, agricultural premises, hospitals and a number of other indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer high-quality light fittings from Czech production with broad potential of use.

For easier orientation in our light fittings, we have arranged the catalogue by the light fitting destination and by the most important parameters. Each product line is suitable for multiple spaces. Therefore individual lines can be also look through without restriction to a specific use.

Industrial light fittings, indoor light fittings and light fittings for emergency lighting

The industrial fluorescent and LED light fittings produced by TREVOS meet important demands of our customers: they are waterproof, dustproof and highly impact-resistant. All that for competitive prices and with high emphasis on quality. We also offer industrial light fittings adapted for more challenging conditions, like light fittings for outdoor lighting, for extreme temperatures or for environments with increased presence of chemicals or explosives. Our range of products includes also indoor light fittings suitable for lighting of offices, schools, hospitals or residential spaces, discharge tube light fittings for industry and outdoor spaces or for emergency lighting.

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