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start of production of industrial light fittings


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km2 illuminated



New revolutionary Innova lights

At the Light and Building 2018, a revolutionary industrial light of the seventh generation, with the distinctive name Innova was introduced, the main advantage of which is saving time needed for connecting up or inter-connecting individual lights.

We use BIM objects

We have joined companies that have begun using BIM (Building Information Modeling) objects with some of our carrying lights Prima, Futura and Linea.


Visit of the President of the Republic

Following the award of the Entrepreneur of the year for 2016 in the Liberec region, which was received by one of the founders of the TREVOS Jiří Opočenský, TREVOS was honored by the visit of the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman, to whom we symbolically handed over the FUTURA light made a week before the president's visit as a 15 000 000th light made by TREVOS.


Construction of technology and warehouse centre

In order to increase production and storage capacity was done completion of technology and storage centers to increase the floor area of 3,297 square meters to 7,497 square meters. The new hall offer more facilities for the production of metal parts, space for storage, production, modern facilities for administration and facilities for research and development of new luminaires.


Extension of assembly shop

Construction of an 800 m2 large assembly shop, intended for operation of the CNC connection robot, considerably accelerating the implementation of orders, and of a workshop for assembly of LED light fittings.


Innovation in 3D part modelling, ISO

The interconnection of the QI information system with the SOLIDWORKS PREMIUM program allowed easier management and sharing of 3D models of parts and assemblies and of 2D drawing documentation within the Company.

ISO 14001 certification

The Company passed a challenging certification process and achieved the Environment Management certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005.


Launch of LED light fittings

Start of use of Led tubes and modules in the existing light fittings.

Futura - new product line

The launch of LEDs resulted in a new product line of LED light fittings - FUTURA with innovative aluminium coolers contributing to optimize the temperature of work environment for LED light fitting components.


ISO 9001:2009 certification

TREVOS, a.s. acquired the quality certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 for production, development and supply of light fittings and light fitting components.

Data management centralization

The Company implemented the QI information system facilitating communication between individual internal workplaces and allowing registration and management of all Company processes.

New production technologies

The investment in new technologies and workplaces allowed increasing the total production to more than a million light fittings per year, improving the quality of the manufactured components at the same time


Entering new international markets

The attendance at trade fairs in Russia and United Arab Emirates and the expanding export activities have brought us a number of new foreign partners and orders.


Expansion of metal production

The reconstruction of an agricultural building and the expansion of metal production from former 1486 m2 to 3297 m2 brought the creation of premises for purchase of new technologies and for the development of metal sheet technology. The production allowed development and production of new products.


Expansion of plastic production

Increased plastic production capacity.


PRIMA - new product line

The Innovations project brought a new line of PRIMA dustproof light fittings with high functionality and attractive shapes with industrial design elements that quickly got to the top of export articles in great demand.


Operations centralization

The production optimization included relocation of assembly, warehouse and trade operations from Semily to Turnov.


Plastic injection moulding

Transition to a new progressive method of injection moulding of thermoplastic materials substituting the former thermal moulding technology. Start of production of new Profi light fittings.

TREVOS, a.s. acquired the Quality System certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 for production and supply of light fittings and light fitting components.


ISO 9001:2001 certification

TREVOS, a.s. acquired the Quality System certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9002:1995 for production and supply of light fittings and light fitting components.


Joint-stock company

TREVOS s.r.o. was transformed into joint-stock company - TREVOS a.s.


Extended production

Further increasing volume of light fitting production and adaptation of unsuitable production spaces and extension of new ones continued.


Leader in the branch of dustproof fluorescent light fittings

TREVOS took the leading position in the number of dustproof fluorescent light fittings manufactured in the Czech Republic. It has been holding the first place to date.


Fluorescent light fittings

The Company focused its production on fluorescent light fittings made of resistant thermoplastic materials.


Serial production of light fittings

Serial production of universal light fittings started. The production from Semily was partially relocated to the gradually adapted former agricultural premises in Nová Ves near Turnov.


Light fitting assembly

The assembly of interior light fittings started.


Establishment of the Company

The TREVOS Company was established in Semily. At the beginning, the Company focused on wiring, revisions of electric equipment and on trade activities.