New luminaires from Trevos for 2024

We would like to introduce you our newest products in the field of lighting. In the upcoming year, we will release several new types of luminaires that will certainly interest you.

New luminaires from Trevos for 2024
  1. PRIMA - we are introducing a new product series of industrial luminaires to replace our all-time bestselling PRIMA LED luminaires that have been on the market for 15 years. PRIMA product line has improved parameters, such as additional ingress protection (IP69), higher efficiency and optimized installation solutions. Its appearance is based on the modern design of our NANOTTICA series. We believe these changes will provide added value for you and your projects.

    PRIMA is a wide range of weatherproof luminaires with translucent diffuser that meets the requirements of demanding industrial environments. Available for order now.

    Main advantages:
    • IP69 = due to the construction solution of the body without holes from the outside
    • 1x extra pair of clips (1.4ft and 1.5ft) = increase the ingress protection (IP)
    • Higher efficiency up to 4.6% compared to PRIMA LED
    • Even illumination of the space = the luminaire shines along its entire length including the ends of the luminaires (PRIMA LED has unwanted dark spots at the ends of the luminaire)
    • Certification: CE, ENEC, CB, HACCP, EPD protocols will be available during January 2024

    We have expanded the product series of the PRIMA luminaires with the economic version PRIMA VALUE.

    PRIMA VALUE (PC or ABS)- differences:
    • Economic version
    • Rubber cable gland
    • Certification: CE

  2. PERUN SLIM Ex - stainless steel luminaires of group II, category 3 with ATEX certification. The luminaires are designed for use in environments with a risk of explosion. PERUN SLIM Ex will provide you with safe and reliable lighting for your demanding and specific needs. Available for order now.

    Main advantages:
    • Ingress protection IP65
    • Up to 45% lower energy consumption compared to T5 tubes
    • Available in dimmable or emergency M3h version

  3. PERUN SLIM Ex NM - emergency stainless steel luminaire of group II, category 3 with ATEX certification is the ideal choice for emergency lighting in explosion risk zones for gases, dusts and combustible fumes. Thanks to this luminaire you will always find a safe exit even in hazardous environments. Available for order now.

    Main advantages:
    • Ingress protection IP65
    • Emergency module 3h
    • Integrated correct operation indicator

  4. PRIMA LED TUBE SLIM - dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant LED tube luminaire that is ideal for industrial indoor and outdoor roofed areas. . Newly also available in a slimmer body for a modern look and higher efficiency. Available for order now.

    Main advantages:
    • Ingress protection IP66
    • Higher efficiency up to 8.45% compared to PRIMA LED TUBE
    • Can be delivered in emergency version

  5. BELTR LED - in-line plastic interior luminaire for ceiling or wall mounting with a body made of steel sheet and a diffuser made of translucent polycarbonate. Thanks to the new construction of the luminaire body, it meets the higher ingress protection IP44. Available for order from 1.1.2024.

    Main advantages:
    • Ingress protection IP44
    • Maximum ambient temperature up to ta =40 °C
    • Up to 45 % lower energy consumption compared to T5 tubes

  6. LANUS SQUARE & ROUND - innovative dust and water proof aluminium high bay luminaires in the shape of a square or circle. These luminaires combine resistance and high luminous efficiency. The luminaire is suitable for high ceilings. Available for ordering from 2/2024.

    Main advantages:
    • Ingress protection IP66
    • Ambient temperature from ta = -40 °C to ta = 35 °C (LANUS ROUND up to ta = 40 °C)
    • LANUS SQUARE also includes ventilation plug

Feel free to contact us for more information or a price offer. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have!

Thank you for your trust and we believe that our new luminaires will soon shine in your place!

For more detailed information about our new luminaires, please visit our website catalogue.

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