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Dustproof, waterproof and impact-resistant plastic industrial LED light fittings.

The FUTURA product line includes industrial LED light fittings suitable for use in roofed indoor and outdoor spaces. The LED light fitting is resistant to dust, moisture and spouting water, IP66. Its body and the diffuser are made of polycarbonate (PC) and have increased resistance against deformation and impact.

The basic variants are suitable for storage buildings, sports facilities, workshops, garages, transport terminals, agricultural buildings and laboratories without risk of explosion of gases, dust and flammable vapours.

The range of products includes also variants of LED light fittings intended for outdoor spaces, chemically strained environment with presence of ammonia vapours, lyes, alkaline compounds and hot water (hydrolyse). The FUTURA range is newly extended by the variant intended for high ceilings with narrow radiation characteristics, suitable for lighting of rack aisleways and narrow rooms with high ceilings. 

Thanks to high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, the FUTURA LED light fitting constitutes the best substitute for classical fluorescent light fittings.