Engineering company GAF Ltd.

We are glad that our FUTURA luminaires were installed in the new powder coating plant of GAF Ltd. This leading engineering company specializes in custom fabrication from steel, stainless steel and aluminum. FUTURA luminaires were chosen here for their ability to withstand high temperatures thanks to the integrated aluminium cooler. FUTURA luminaires are also capable of providing high lumen output, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments.

FUTURA is a double row industrial LED luminaire with a translucent polycarbonate diffuser, suitable for indoor and outdoor sheltered areas such as warehouses, sports facilities, garages, transport terminals and business premises. Thanks to its IP66 ingress protection rating, the luminaire is resistant to dust, moisture and splashing water. In addition, the polycarbonate body and diffuser with IK10 deformation and impact resistance guarantee long life and reliability.

We are pleased that the company GAF Ltd. has chosen our FUTURA luminaires for its facility, which guarantee excellent light output and energy efficiency.

Location: Žamberk
Country: Czech Republic


Installation of NANOTTICA ABS luminaires in the production premises of a company SWAH, which is engaged in the production of profiling lines and machines for air ducts.

Thanks to patented nano-optical technology, the NANOTTICA ABS luminaire achieves a low glare index (UGR) and thus ensures the necessary visual comfort, high visual performance, and safety. It indirectly contributes to higher productivity. It can also be used for lighting workplaces with high requirements for visual detail such as fine assembly work, visual inspection, etc.

The lighting of the production halls is complemented by FUTURA luminaires.

Location: Dobřichovice - Lety
Country: Czech Republic


Installation of FUTURA NB luminaires in the production halls of SUEKEN, which is engaged in metal processing by deep drawing technology and production of small, precise parts and product assemblies.

The FUTURA NB plastic industrial LED luminaire has a narrow beam characteristic and thus is suitable for lighting shelf aisles and narrow spaces with high ceilings. The diffuser is made of translucent polycarbonate, which guarantees high mechanical resistance and UV stability. Installation height is 10 to 15 m.

Location: Hradec Králové
Country: Czech Republic

Lotus garage

The installation of FUTURA luminaires in the garage of the authorized Lotus service center in Prague provides enough light for their excellent service. Here are Lotus Evora, Exige, Elise, and Evija under one roof. Service for all Lotus cars, sale of Lotus accessories and merchandising.

Plastic industrial LED luminaires FUTURA are suitable for indoor and outdoor sheltered areas, warehouses, workshops, garages, railway and bus stations, sports facilities, farm buildings, and laboratories without the risk of explosion.

The luminaires are resistant to dust, moisture, and water splashes. The polycarbonate (PC) base and diffuser have increased resistance to deformation and impact (IK10).

Location: Prague
Country: Czech Republic

Hangar of the German Rescue Service DRF

We are pleased that we could supply our efficient industrial luminaires FUTURA to the hangar of the German rescue service DRF Luftrettungstation. The project was related to a hangar for a helicopter with the call sign Christoph 49, located in Bad Saarow, Germany. FUTURA luminaires are known for their high lumen output, thanks to aluminium coolers built directly into the luminaire body. This project allowed us to contribute to the important work of DRF, a non-profit organization that works every day to save lives. It is an honour for us to be part of such an important human effort and to participate in providing a safer and more efficient environment for the rescue workers of the DRF Luftrettungstation.

FUTURA luminaires are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, garages, transport terminals, sports complexes and agricultural facilities. These luminaires are dustproof, waterproof and splashproof (IP66). Thanks to the use of polycarbonate (PC) for the body and diffuser, the luminaires are highly resistant to deformation and impact, which is proven by the IK10 rating.

Location: Bad Saarow
Country: Germany

New residential complex

In the center of Liberec, in the newly built residential complex, there are FUTURA and PRIMA LED luminaires installed in the above-ground and underground garages. These industrial luminaires are here in two sizes, 1,4ft and 1,2ft. The combination of different sizes and types of luminaires allows to achieve optimal lighting conditions for the given environment.

With an IP66 ingress protection rating, our luminaires are ideal for outdoor sheltered areas as they resist dust, moisture and splashing water. The polycarbonate body and diffuser guarantee high resistance to deformation and impact (IK10).

We are pleased to be part of projects that focus on quality and safety, and our luminaires contribute to creating ideal lighting conditions for modern living.

Location: Liberec
Country: Czech Republic