TREVOS launches a LED light fitting for explosive environment

TREVOS a. s., which is celebrating twenty-five years from its establishment this year, launches a new line of LED light fixtures named PRIMA LED Ex.

TREVOS launches a LED light fitting for explosive environment

PRIMA LED Ex is an innovated successful type line of PRIMA Ex fluorescent light from production of TREVOS, a. s., a Czech manufacturer. The company that prides itself particularly on high-quality production, launches a dustproof and waterproof LED light fitting for environments with explosion hazard of Group II, Category 3 (Zone 2,22).

PRIMA LED Ex is the first LED light fitting developed in the Czech Republic with focus on areas requiring an Ex certification.

As compared to the PRIMA Ex fluorescent light variant, the PRIMA LED Ex light fitting provides the customer with power saving, long life and high luminous output, while preserving the basic parameters and characteristics. „The life of all versions offered is guaranteed for 50 thousand hours (at L80B20),“  Ing. Roman Grund, the Development Manager of the Company said.

„We are launching a powerful LED light fitting certified by the notified body for areas requiring a protection level according to EPL Dc for environments with presence of dust and EPL Gc for gaseous atmosphere,“ R. Grund added.

PRIMA LED Ex is resistant to dust, humidity and spurting water. Its base and diffuser are made of an UV stable polycarbonate and the structure was strengthened by 100 % as against the common version, for the light fitting to meet the requirements of the tightened EN 60079 standard. The light fitting protection reaches the Degree IP65 and it is intended for a surrounding temperature range from –20 to +40 °C. External influences are defined according to ČSN 33 2000-5-51. Their relation to zones and establishment regulations is stated in tab. 1.

The production of new light fittings of PRIMA LED Ex line makes use of components from renowned companies, Philips and TCI. The light fittings in eight different variants are equipped with LED modules with outputs from 3 200 to 11 000 lm, and thanks to LED chips of line 840, they fully replace the fluorescent lights in versions 1/36 W and 2/36 W, 1/58 W and 2/58 W.

As for marking and classification of Ex light fittings, TREVOS bases the marking of Ex light fittings on Ɛx II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc and Ɛx II 3D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc IP65.

The most important advantage of these light fittings consists in their eligibility for environments of zone 2 and 22. In such environment, there is rare and transient risk of origination of explosive atmosphere under normal operation conditions. The risk may emerge for example at unexpected leakage of a flammable substance. Typical examples of such environment include:

A further important mark is Group IIC for gaseous atmosphere and nA for non-sparking articles. Therefore the light fitting is eligible for environments with transient presence of hydrogen, acetylene or carbon disulphide. Group IIIC and tc protection type include protection against conductive flammable dust.

The EPL Gc and Dc marks stand for areas where the explosive gaseous atmosphere (or explosive raised dust) appears rarely and transiently and the device with increased protection degree will not become an initiation source at common operation.

The PRIMA LED Ex light fitting meets thermal class T6, i.e. the maximal surface temperature of devices for gaseous atmosphere of 85°C. The maximal surface temperature of the PRIMA LED Ex light fitting for dust is 85°C too.

For further information see product page of the PRIMA LED Ex Light fitting


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