TREVOS at the exhibition AGRTECHNICA 2019

Trevos participated for the first time at AGRITECHNICA.

TREVOS at the exhibition AGRTECHNICA 2019

TREVOS went to AGRITECHNICA, a leading international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment, which took place in Hannover on November 10-16, 2019.

The Czech designer and manufacturer of industry leading lighting solutions brought a number of LED light fittings designated for agricultural buildings and farms including those in which ammonia resistance is required. These included INNOVA ABS, a DLG-certified fixture suitable for chemically aggressive environmentsFUTURA ABS, and a couple of stainless steel light solutions – PERUN SLIM and CANOPUS a luminaire designed for large, high ceiling buildings. Visitors were invited to test the products on show.

As AGRITECHNICA was among the most prominent platforms for the introduction of innovations, TREVOS also showed some new arrivals. The first is Futura HORTI fitted with a grow light module that stimulates plant growth, making it a great choice for greenhouses. The light formulas may be adjusted for different phases of each crop’s growth requirements, providing growers with a chance to optimize plant performance and cut energy costs.

The second innovation recently launched by the TREVOS R&D Department was a red light producing version of our popular INNOVA ABS RED fixture. The product may be used as a service light, making it possible for workers to access and move around the facility comfortably and easily (the light intensity is sufficient) without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the animals.

On display – and available for visitors to test – was also our module featuring TUNABLE WHITE technology, which made it possible to adjust colour temperature from cool to warm white (2,700 K – 6,500 K). This is a fitting that boosts circadian rhythms and is therefore suitable for farms where livestock are kept. Most TREVOS luminaires can be fitted with this module.

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