Ceiling height from 7.5 to 12 m, chemically resistant.

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Code Type Ta Max.:
Světelný tok LED zdrojů
Světelný tok svítidla:
Spotřeba svítidla:
Účinnost svítidla:
Hmotnost netto:
100881 NANOTTICA 1.4ft NB ABS 4400/840 45 4350 3780 27 140 1,7 1175 700 - 960
100882 NANOTTICA 1.4ft NB ABS 6400/840 45 6260 5450 38 143 1,7 1175 700 - 960
100883 NANOTTICA 1.5ft NB ABS 5500/840 45 5420 4720 33 143 2 1455 970 - 1230
100884 NANOTTICA 1.5ft NB ABS 8000/840 45 7740 6730 45 150 2 1455 970 - 1230


  • Narrow Beam angle (NB), optimum luminaire installation height from 7.5 to 12 m
  • High chemical resistance
  • Patented optics ensures absolute control over light beam distribution
  • Optional throughwiring (up to 7 wires inside the light fitting)
  • Variable suspension pitch; optional installation of light fitting even on an existing structure on which the original light fittings were suspended
  • Standard model - CRI > 80: 4000 K
  • At request CRI > 80: 3000 K, 5000 K, 6500 K, CRI > 90: 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K, 6500 K
  • Package contains stainless hooks and stainless brackets

Technical data

  • Účinnost svítidla: 150 lm/W
  • Stupeň ochrany: IP66/IP69
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = -25 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 45 °C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = 0 °C version with emergency back-up source
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 25 °C version with emergency back-up source
  • Životnost: 50000 hodin / L90/B10
  • Koecifient oslnění (UGR) from 16 to 16
  • Pevnost v nárazu: IK06
  • Tolerance chromatičnosti (MacAdam): SDCM3
  • Certification CE, ENEC, CB, DLG

Attachment method

  • Vhodné pro závěsnou montáž
  • Vhodné pro montáž na strop
  • Vhodné pro montáž na stěnu
  • Vhodné pro povrchovou montáž

Materials / finishes

  • Základna: tmavě šedý ABS (vysoká chemická odolnost, UV stabilita, RAL 7001)
  • Difuzor: čirý AC s nanooptikou (vysoká chemická odolnost, UV stabilita)
  • Reflektor: ocelový plech bílé barvy (RAL 9003)
  • Klipy: polyamid + 15 % skelné vlákno
  • Těsnění: polyuretan (PUR), vypěněná drážka základny
  • Připojení: bezšroubová třípólová svorkovnice
  • Kabelové vývodky: šroubovací PG 13,5

Electric equipment

  • It can be delivered in emergency version
  • It can be delivered in dimmable version


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Drawings and graphs of luminosity

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The fixture boasts a low unified glare rating with UGR values its patented nanooptics. This ensures eye comfort, high visual performance and workplace safety, which indirectly translates into higher productivity.

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The luminaire’s narrow-beam angle makes it suitable for premises with an optimum luminaire installation height of 7.5 to 12 m. The luminaire is designed for indoor spaces as well as for agricultural buildings and other spaces with chemically aggressive environments due to ammonia fumes, lye fumes, alkali and hot water (hydrolysis). The fitting is primarily intended for walls and large corridors in high industrial and agricultural buildings, production plants and warehouse aisles, farms, stables and laboratories with no explosion hazard. IP69-rated and HACCP-compliant, the fitting’s design also makes it suitable for the food industry.

The fitting´s base is made of ABS and diffuser of AC, resulting in their exceptional chemical resistance. Emissions in the environment of use may reduce the usability of the plastics.

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