Installation of NANOTTICA ABS luminaires in the production premises of a company SWAH, which is engaged in the production of profiling lines and machines for air ducts.

Thanks to patented nano-optical technology, the NANOTTICA ABS luminaire achieves a low glare index (UGR) and thus ensures the necessary visual comfort, high visual performance, and safety. It indirectly contributes to higher productivity. It can also be used for lighting workplaces with high requirements for visual detail such as fine assembly work, visual inspection, etc.

The lighting of the production halls is complemented by FUTURA luminaires.

Location: Dobřichovice - Lety
Country: Czech Republic

Innovative lighting for underground garages

In Prague, there is an underground garage under the residential units, illuminated by NANOTTICA TRS luminaires. These luminaires are specially designed to meet the needs of modern underground garages. NANOTTICA TRS luminaires have a transparent body that transmits light not only downwards to the surface of the garage, but also upwards, thus indirectly lighting the garage ceiling. This unique feature ensures more consistent light distribution, leading to better visibility in the parking lot.

Another key characteristic of NANOTTICA TRS luminaires is their low UGR (Unified Glare Ratio), which means they minimize the risk of glare. This is important in an environment where drivers and pedestrians need to find their way quickly and safely. The low UGR helps to improve safety and visual comfort, which is essential for underground garages that are often difficult to navigate.

NANOTTICA TRS luminaires are an example of how modern technology can improve everyday life and increase safety in urban environments, especially in complex and busy areas such as underground garages.

Location: Prague
Country: Czech Republic