In 2023, we received the Sustainable Company certificate

What is meant by the term Sustainable Company?

This is practically the responsibility of us as individuals, but also of the company as a whole towards ecology and the environment. It is a voluntary form of involvement of social and environmental aspects in the daily activities of the company and the interactions of interested individuals.

In 2023, we received the Sustainable Company certificate

This means behaving responsibly in all company actions in relation to the environment, local communities, customers, employees, and other parties.

Sustainable company TREVOS.

‍The certificate obtained, which serves as a certificate of participation in the EKOLAMP collective system in the sense of § 9 b) of Act no. 542/ 2020., on products with discontinued lifetime ́.

TREVOS thereby contributes to a sustainable business and does so, even by meeting the standard for taking back electrical equipment.

In addition, the document also serves as a full-fledged certificate of the involvement of TREVOS in the EKOLAMP collective system wherever public administration authorities require it.

Sustainability as a specific topic?

The topic of sustainability resonates more and more prominently in society and will only grow stronger with time. It also becomes an important point in negotiations with business partners or in so-called non-financial reporting.

Last but not least, it is also important for public relations. TREVOS can also present itself with a visual symbol that demonstrates our responsible approach to the world around us.

We will continue to pay significant attention to the topic of sustainability and thus strengthen the role of the Sustainable Company certificate and its perception.

We think about the future.

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