For cows in the barns, chemically resistant.

Cows barely detect a red light and therefore it is a perfect solution for illumination of barns when workers have to work with the animals during a time of the day when the cows have night. We know that cows need eight hours a day of darkness to be able to rest well. This solution saves you money and allows you to go on your rounds or carry out work without disturbing the cows.  

It can be integrated into our INNOVA and FUTURA lighting.

The light fixtures withstand exposure to chemically aggressive environments (ammonia in the air) typical of livestock farms.

The body made of ABS and the diffuser made of AC have increased chemical resistance.

In addition to being protected against dust and humidity (IP66), the fixtures boast excellent thermal resistance, withstanding temperatures
up to 50 °C.

IP69-rated, our INNOVA-range fittings may be washed using hot water (up to 80 °C).



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