We are passionate about constantly adapting to whatever the market brings

Established 30 years ago, Trevos is a Czech company that has built and continues to hold a unique position on the market. Not only has it become a world leader in commercial luminaires. It continues to invest in research and development, which translates into innovations that help the company win and satisfy corporate clients as well as participate in major projects. Where is the company heading now? Why is Nanottica, the most recent light fitting, so successful? These are some of the questions we have asked Chairman of the Board Michal Opocensky.

We are passionate about constantly adapting to whatever the market brings

Has your business been affected by what’s been going on in the world recently?

No doubt TREVOS has been affected by the ongoing pandemic. We continue to take extra care to ensure all the rules imposed by the government are observed, both by individuals and teams. Our sales department has largely moved online and we are very happy everything works seamlessly. There are no production issues or delays on our part, which is absolutely critical. Regrettably, we do face shortages of some raw materials just like most other producers, but we never prioritize specific customers, seeing to it that every order is processed fairly and dispatched as soon as possible.

Can you describe the situation on the commercial light fittings market?

I am passionate about facing all the challenges that the market brings. While higher energy costs create pressure to cut energy bills, they are also an incentive for us to develop and produce fittings which are more energy efficient than ever before. We understand why our customers are increasingly demanding and this motivates us to innovate at a higher pace than ever before.

Speaking of rising energy costs, what would you recommend to companies today?

Every company should think about how to obtain energy effectively and efficiently and, more importantly, how to ensure it is not wasted. Installing photovoltaic arrays may translate into significant energy savings as well as reduction of overhead costs. The problem is the high purchase price of photovoltaic arrays makes this solution unaffordable to many businesses although a grant may be available to cover a portion of the costs. That being said, there is an easier way to keep energy consumption under control and save on energy bills as a result. All a company must do is replace their existing LED light fittings if they are 5 years old or older because new luminaires are much more energy efficient while offering more power. Compared to photovoltaic arrays, return on investment is only 3 years or even less.

Trevos has recently launched Nanottica, a luminaire that is referred to as a next-generation product. Why?

2 and a half years of research and development preceded the launch of Nanottica. Our technicians came up with a revolutionary idea of an optical system relying on the application of a nano-optical structure that controls beam distribution. The result is an outstanding fixture that boasts perfect visual performance as well as reduces energy costs by up to 25 %. That is why it is in great demand and so highly rated. “SEE CASE STUDY”

What are your ambitions as far as development of new fittings is concerned?

We take pride in always trying to find new ways to stay ahead of competition. Much of our research and development focuses on nanotechnologies but that is all I can say at this point.

Are you currently facing any major challenges?

We pride ourselves on being a responsible company that takes environmental management and energy use seriously. One of the testaments to our commitment to sustainability are our long-standing ISO 14001 and 50001 certifications. In addition, we have embarked on the challenging and costly process of adopting a management system in line with the pillars of sustainable development. We constantly identify room for improvement and do our best to improve as quickly as possible.

The end of the year is approaching. Is there anything you would like to wish your customers and partners?

May the peace and joy of Christmas be with us – at Christmas and throughout the next year. May they help us overcome these difficult times. I remain optimistic and am excited to meet you all in person at Light + Building 2022 in Frankfurt, where we will be presenting our products. The fair takes place on October 2-6, 2022. Let’s meet at stall no. 4.2 F10!

What would you wish to your customers and business partners for the year 2022?

The end of 2021 and the holidays brought us more peace and quiet, which hopefully we will carry with us in year 2022. We are looking forward to a personal meeting at the Light + Building 2022 fair trade in Frankfurt, which will take place 2. – 6. 10. 2022. I am very glad that we will present our luminaires at stand space 4.2 F10!

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