TREVOS luminaires and DIALux plug-in

… our aim is to make it easier and more fun for you to plan and calculate lighting for your project – as well as empower you with a tool that will allow you to deliver professional presentations of your artificial lighting calculations. That is why we have joined DIALux.

In the DIALux planning tool, you will find now Trevos luminaires.


DIALux on-line catalogue

TREVOS luminaires and DIALux plug-in

Our lighting specialists will design and calculate lighting projects for interiors, exteriors, sports grounds or streets in the DIALux software completely free of charge for you.

Do you require a lighting design or calculation for an indoor or outdoor space, sports facility or street with TREVOS fixtures in DIALux?

You can start working on it today – our products now feature in this planning tool.

Why have we chosen DIALux?

The world’s leading lighting design and planning software, DIALux connects designers and manufacturers from all over the world, boasting over 700,000 users. The software is currently available in 25 language mutations.

All major lighting manufacturers offer digital product data for the purposes of planning in DIALux. Crucially, DIALux is impartial and neutral towards all manufacturers.

At TREVOS, we are confident joining DIALux will make planning lighting so much easier for you.

What is DIALux?

It is software. Available free of charge, DIALux is a global gold standard for designing, calculating and visualising lighting solutions in a myriad of indoor as well as outdoor arrangements. The software was created in 1994 – and has been maintained since then – by German company DIAL GmbH. As a tool for working with contemporary lighting designs and design implementation, the software meets all the requirements that a designer may have.

How does DIALux work?

DIALux allows you to create a lighting design featuring selected luminaire versions with their actual light and technical properties and parameters, while also making it possible to import these from the database. The software considers the international regulations, limits and norms applicable to the given working space and evaluates if the proposed lighting system meets the relevant legislative and health and safety requirements.

Not only can the software simulate a combination of daylight and artificial light. It can also take into account the circadian rhythms of the human body in the calculations.

What is the result?

The result is a 3D render of a lighting solution where distribution of lighting intensity (light distribution curves), light uniformity and unwanted glare are visualised. This professional material can be used to support your proposed lighting project and increase the chances of it being approved.

Why should I use DIALux?

This is a complex photorealistic rendering software bundle that allows import and export of .dxf and .dwg files from and to all CAD programmes as well as the use of .3ds files for realistic modelling and creating photorealistic videos and presentations. The software includes most norms and standards.

Sounds great! How do I start?

Just go to the “Download” section on our website and download a .zip file with the offline version of the catalogue. Alternatively, you can open the online version of the catalogue at, choose TREVOS luminaires and import these into your open project in DIALux Evo. It really could not be easier.

We hope you will enjoy preparing lighting design proposals and lighting calculations more than ever before.

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