The future of industry luminaires is called Innova

The company TREVOS has recently launched its 7th generation industry luminaire onto the market.

The future of industry luminaires is called Innova

The luminaire is designed for spaces where a high degree of protection is required (protection against dust and water complies with IP66/IP69 ratings). Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for production areas, warehouses (logistics centres), parking facilities, agricultural buildings, etc. The luminaire boasts a high added value and is manufactured to comply with high technical standards.


Innova is a TREVOS-made luminaire boasting timeless design. It is a technologically advanced and smart solution that brings customers a high added value by saving their time, effort, and energy. The luminaires can also be supplied together with cables with attached connectors depending on the planned connection type. This means the only thing an assembler needs to do is connect these connectors and a relevant luminaire or a lighting system. The luminaire is produced in over 300 varieties (2.600 – 8.000 lm) including a three-phase connection, dimming, emergency lighting, and sensors. The standard length of connecting cables is 1 or 3 metres. However, TREVOS is ready to address our clients' and their projects' specific needs.  

Innova is made of high quality polycarbonate (PC) and a number of other highly durable materials. These make it possible for the luminaire to be used in chemically aggressive spaces. The overall rigidity, solidity, durability and good thermal management of the electronic components ensures the luminaire boasts a long life cycle in temperatures up to 50°C, for which it is certified. TREVOS products, which are often switched on continuously, are offered with a five-year warranty. Please, find more information on

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