Start using the new features of our website!

Have you already tried our new filter and automatic datasheet generation? If not, definitely give them a try. Both features will save you a lot of time and simplify your work or order.

Start using the new features of our website!
  1. The first important new feature is the advanced filter of our luminaires over the entire catalogue, which will help you quickly find the best luminaire for your project.
  2. We have also implemented automatic datasheet generation for all our luminaires. It will make it easier for you to order or pass on information about our products.

We believe that these new features will bring significant improvements to your user experience on our website.

How to use it?

   1) FILTER

DIRECTIONS: Home page Trevos -> Catalogue



DIRECTIONS: Home page Trevos -> Catalogue -> Product line (e.g. NANOTTICA) -> Sub-line of the luminaire (e.g. NANOTTICA ES TRS)

   a.   Click on the row with a specific luminaire (e.g. NANOTTICA 1.4ft ES TRS PC 6400/840)

   b.   Click on the product number with the required features and equipment (e.g. BASIC 103140)


DONE - the datasheet for the specific luminaire is generated!


Sample of datasheet:


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