Metal indoor LED light fitting for suspension or surface-mounted installation on the ceiling, with base made of steel sheet, with low UGR.

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Code Type Luminous flux of LED modules
Luminous flux of light fitting:
Power consumption:
System efficacy:
Net weight:
95510 NAOS MPR 2.4ft 5200/840 5150 4020 31 130 6,1 1180 1030
95520 NAOS MPR 2.5ft 6500/840 6380 4980 38 131 7,6 1460 1310

Technical data

  • System efficacy: 131 lm/W
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = -25 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 35 °C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = 0 °C version with emergency back-up source
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 25 °C version with emergency back-up source
  • Life time: 50000 hours / L90/B10
  • Unified Glare Ratio (UGR) from 19 to 19
  • Impact strength: IK02
  • Chromaticity tolerance (initial MacAdam): SDCM3
  • Certification CE

Attachment method

  • Suitable for suspended mounting
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Suitable for surface mounting

Materials / finishes

  • Body: steel sheet, white (RAL 9003)
  • Diffuser: multi-layered micropyramid (MPR) optics for distributing light without glare in accordance with EN 12464-1 with UGR < 19
  • Connection: Screwless five-pole, Wieland
  • Cable glands: rubber (SBS)

Electric equipment

  • It can be delivered in emergency version
  • It can be delivered in dimmable version


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Advanced lamp with low profile of total height of 34 mm only.

The light fitting is suitable for offices, hallways, school interiors, libraries, lecture rooms, sanitary rooms, hospitals and passenger terminals.

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