New product line of light fittings LINEA

High-quality Czech LED light fittings not only for the industry.

New product line of light fittings LINEA

Many lines have been written already about the fact that at present, the LED light fittings are a huge hit resembling the transition from analogue cameras to digital ones. We will focus this article on the particularities of the LED light fittings of TREVOS, a Czech company that makes light fittings intended not only for industrial premises. 

Like in all companies specialized in production of light fittings, TREVOS also performed the transition to LEDs in several suitable fluorescent light fittings in the first phase. But the LED technology differs so much from the fluorescent lamp technology that it is not the best choice to fit standard units with the LED technology, be it in form of LED tubes or modules. "Of course, it is possible and that path just suggests itself, but if we want to make functional light fittings guaranteeing the basic parameters like lifetime and glare, such path is short-sighted," Ing. Michal Opočenský, TREVOS Development Manager adds. Therefore the FUTURA industrial light fittings or the new line of the LINEA LED light fittings had to undergo a complete development. The LINEA light fittings will serve us for a more detailed analysis now.

The line of LINEA surface-mounted office light fittings can be used as a comprehensive solution for lighting of schools, hospitals, libraries, as well as individual lighting of flat interiors, corridors, sanitary and welfare facilities.

"Light fittings like LINEA should serve the customers for long years; therefore their design and technical versions must be universal and timeless," Ing. Vladimír Tauchman, Design Manager explains. The design of LINEA continues the time-tested product line of SM tube light fittings. It is offered in four shape variants, two linear types differing in width, round and square.

The goal of the LINEA development project consisted in finding an optimal technical and design solution of the product and in advancing its capabilities and the general quality to a higher level of magnitude. That was achieved through applied research and experimental development primarily in the area o the thermal management of the light system, in the area of materials and in the area of light diffusion (translucent UV stabilized polycarbonates, even lighting of the diffuser surface, intelligent light sources).

Thanks to the comprehensive technical solution, the whole LINEA light fitting line provides IP54 protection, homogeneous light radiation in the diffuser area with an efficiency of up to 120lm/W at a standard-delivered chromaticity temperature of 4000K and maximal environment temperature of 35°C, which corresponds to the international energy class A+. All that with guaranteed lifetime of 50000 hours/L80B20 in case of use of newly developed own TREVOS LED modules with unified colour rendering ≤ 3 SDCM.

Similarly to the lifetime, the value of luminous efficiency of the LED light fittings frequently constitutes a delicate topic. "The customer is frequently intentionally deceived when the competitor, the light fitting manufacturer or seller state the theoretical values of efficiency of the LED chip, without considering its actual working temperature and current and without the actual consumption of the power source. We produce light fittings, and it is therefore necessary and correct to state the reduced values of luminous flux with respect to the permeability of the optical cover," Opočenský continues.

The four LINEA light fitting units have universal sizes. The linear types are suitable for installation of standardized  one-row Zhaga LED modules; in case of LINEA Round and Square light fittings, renowned world manufacturers offer round, square and finger modules.

The LINEA light fittings can be delivered at request in  chromaticity temperatures of 3000K, 5000K and 6500K in CRI > 80 and 3000K and 4000K in CRI > 90, or in special Tunable White version. But the offer does not end here. The customer can get the dimmable DALI module, the M1h or M3h emergency module, the emergency version including dimming, the microwave motion sensor and, for LINEA Round, a combination of the motion sensor with the emergency module.

The certification of the LINEA light fittings is handled with respect to the broad spectrum of customers and of national demands. Primarily the well known ESČ serves to national customers, while foreign customers require predominantly the ENEC and CB certificates. TREVOS is able to offer all these certificates, completed with photobiological safety reports, reports of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), impact tests and luminosity curve tests that take place in an own goniophotometric laboratory.


Type Luminous ux
of LED modules
Luminous ux
of light tting
For ambient temperature ta = 35 °C - body: grey polycarbonate - diuser: translucent polycarbonate
LINEA 1.4ft 2600/840 2600 2290 21 109
LINEA 1.4ft 3200/840 3200 2920 25 117
LINEA 2.4ft 5200/840 5200 4270 39 109
LINEA 2.4ft 6400/840 6400 5320 48 111
LINEA SQUARE 1200/840 1200 1180 10 118
LINEA SQUARE 1800/840 1800 1490 13 115
LINEA ROUND 1200/840 1200 1200 10 120
LINEA ROUND 1800/840 1800 1500 13 115

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