New LED light fittings for industry and offices

Fifteen million. Exactly so many light fittings were manufactured during the entire production history of the company TREVOS, a.s., a traditional manufacturer of industrial, but also more and more i.

New LED light fittings for industry and offices

A jubilee, 15-million produced piece of light fitting was recorded during the production of FUTURA LED light fitting. Then, on 10th May, this luminaire was given to the President of the Czech Republic during his visit to TREVOS.

Hospitals, schools, libraries, lecture halls, public buildings, shopping centres. In all of these premises, we often encounter the interior light fittings of the mentioned manufacturer.

This year, the range of interior light fittings was expanded by a metal LED light fitting with the option of being surface-mounted or suspended. The light fitting Naos or Naos MPR, which is distinguished by a 34-mm low profile including all electronics. The main advantage of NAOS, under the designation MPR, is the multi-layer micro-pyramidal (MPR) optics preventing dazzle and the light fitting meets the UGR <19 according to EN 12464-1. NAOS light fitting is available in twelve output variants ranging from 1300 to 8000 lumens, which can be complemented by emergency modules and it is also available with the DALI lighting control protocol. NAOS and NAOS MPR light fittings, like most of the LED luminaires from the TREVOS range of products, can be fitted, at the request of the customer, with LED chips with different colour temperatures from 3000 to 6500 Kelvins.

For customers requiring high-temperature luminaire resistance, TREVOS brings novelty in the form of fluorescent light fittings with the resistance of up to 60 ° C of ambient temperature fitted with an electronic ballast. These are the innovated successors of PRIMA T8 Ta60 and Alumax T8 Ta60 light fittings with magnetic ballasts, the production of which had to be terminated in accordance with European Union Regulation (EC) 245/2009) on 13.4.2017. PRIMA T8 ta60 is a plastic light fitting with a diffuser and a base of clear polycarbonate (PC) with increased resistance to deformation and impact with T8 tubes with protection of IP66. ALUMAX T8 ta60 is an aluminium light fitting with a diffuser of tempered safety glass and a high chemical resistance with protection of IP66. The light fitting resists greasy vapours and chemically aggressive environment (IP66). The light fitting is ideal for extractor hoods, heating plants, metallurgical lines etc.

The novelty Canopus, in the production of high-performance LED light fittings in TREVOS, reaches up to 30,000 lumens of luminous flux. Three different modifications of the light fitting Canopus, Canopus NB and Canopus NB TR consist of a steel tin-plate base with a size of 65 x 65 cm. The main difference of the light fittings is the shape of a reflector in conjunction with a clear or satinated safety glass. The variant Canopus is equipped with a standard reflector and satinated glass. Thus, the light fitting achieves wide radiation characteristics at high light output. Canopus NB is equipped with a parabolic reflector and satinated glass, which offers, with the output from 22,000 to 30,000 lumens, a wide range of lighting use. The last variant, Canopus NB TR, is fitted with a narrow radiation parabolic reflector, which, in conjunction with clear glass, determines the luminaire into high, narrow corridors of logistics centres. The customer can choose the variant to suit exactly his needs.

All TREVOS LED light fittings are equipped with LED chips and DRIVERS of the highest quality, which corresponds to 50,000 hours of luminaire lifetime (L80B20) and extended warranty for 5 years.

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