New high performance LED luminaire CANOPUS

Up to 30,000 lumen fluxes reach Canopus in the production of high performance LED luminaires in TREVOS.

New high performance LED luminaire CANOPUS

Three different modifications of Canopus, Canopus NB and Canopus NB TR can be found in a 65 x 65 cm white metal base. The main difference is the shape of a reflector in conjunction with a clear or satinated safety glass.

The Canopus version features a standard reflector and satin glass. Thus, the luminaire achieves wide radiation characteristics at high light output.

The Canopus NB is equipped with a parabolic reflector and satin-finished glass, which offers a wide output of lighting options from 22,000 to 30,000 lumens.

The third variant of the Canopus NB TR is fitted with a parabolic reflector that, in conjunction with clear glass, sets the luminaire into high, narrow lanes of logistics centers. The customer can choose the variant exactly to suit his needs.

All TREVOS LED luminaires are equipped with LED chips and DRIVERS of the highest quality, which corresponds to 50,000 hours of lamp life (L80B20) and extended warranty for 5 years.

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