New fluorescent light fittings for ambient temperature up to 60°C

TREVOS innovated the production of demanded luminaires for high ambient temperature (up to 60°C) Prima and Alumax upgraded with the use of electronic ballast.

New fluorescent light fittings for ambient temperature up to 60°C

The most important change for these luminaires is the new use of electronic ballast, which is designed for high temperature conditions.

TREVOS is responding to the great interest of customers who are looking for a replacement for fluorescent lamps with inductive ballast, which recently had to be given to EU regulation (EC) 245/2009) terminated.

PRIMA T8 ta60 is an plastic industrial fluorescent light fitting with the body and diffuser made of transparent polycarbonate (PC) have the increased resistance against deformation and impact with tubes T8. The light fitting is resistant to dust, moisture and splashing water (IP66). The light fitting is suitable for the environment with high ambient temperatures (max. up to 60°C). The light fitting meets the requirements for bakeries, heating plants, metallurgical lines, transformer stations etc.

ALUMAX T8 ta60 is industrial fluorescent light fitting made of aluminium, with diffuser made of tempered safety glass and with high chemical resistance. The light fitting is resistant to deformation, dust, splashing water, greasy fumes and chemically aggressive environment. We recommend to use it for cooker hoods, heating plants, metallurgical lines etc.


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