Innova ABS light fixture for agricultural premises

Innova ABS light fixture is DGL-approved for agricultural premises.

Innova ABS light fixture for agricultural premises

Our Innova ABS LED fixture has successfully completed an ammonia resistance and cleaning distance test (safe distance 15 cm) performed by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). The leading European testing facility has awarded a certificate which states our chemically resistant Innova ABS is perfectly suitable for agricultural premises with live animals.

Ammonia resistance and minimum cleaning distance are among the essential attributes of light fixtures designated for live animal farms.

Manufactured by TREVOS, Innova ABS is an LED luminaire boasting exceptional chemical resistance that has recently been recognized by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), a leading independent European testing facility. The DLG certificate states neither regular exposure to ammonia in the air nor a cleaning distance as little as 10cm (flat spray nozzle) result in product deterioration (no water ingress detected). The enclosed fixture, which cannot be dismantled, is an excellent choice for other chemically aggressive environments as well – production halls, warehouses, laboratories, car washes, etc.

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