Fluorescent tube light fittings will be discontinued

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you that the production of T5 and T8 fluorescent tube light fittings will be discontinued.

Fluorescent tube light fittings will be discontinued

We will stop the production of our T8 fluorescent tube light fittings as they do not comply with the requirements set out in Table 1 of Annex II of Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/2020. More specifically, their light sources do not meet the requirements regarding energy efficiency.

Our T5 light fittings will be discontinued due to insufficient demand, increasing production costs and shortage of electrical components.

We will continue with the production of Prima Ex fluorescent luminaires as these are exempted from the Commission Regulation. Production of luminaires for T8 LED tubes will also continue.


Production of the following light fittings will stop on 31 August 2023:

Prima T5, Prima T8, Perun T5, Perun T8, Alumax T5, Alumax T8, Beltr T5 a Beltr T8



Customers are welcome to place orders for our T5/T8 fluorescent tube fittings till 30 June 2023.

We recommend you get in touch with us in advance to check component availability.


Although general production will stop, we will be happy to custom-make these fittings for customers outside the European Union after 1 September 2023, subject to availability of components.

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