LUXOR LED is an indoor luminaire with highly specular parabolic louvre. It represents good quality LED lighting solution with combination of glare-free effects. The luminaire can be surface-mounted or suspended.


LUXOR LED is ideal for office, education and shop & retail. It complies the European Lighting Standard EN 12464-1 and can be used for daycare facilities for children. LUXOR LED creates an atmosphere of well-being and allows children to calm down and relax. Bears the CE symbol.

LUXOR LED Optical system with highly specular parabolic louvre with reflectance value 97-98%. LED system covered with prismatic UV resistant PMMA diffuser. Glare evaluation accordance to UGR < 19. Symmetric light distribution. General colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 80


  • Schools
  • Day nurseries 
  • Library
  • Offices
  • Sales areas
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Halls
  • Cafes
  • Salons
  • Hospitals
  • Banks


LUXOR LED offers ultimate colour customisation.
It has maintenance-friendly design with demands on quality and efficiency. The basic colours are white (RAL 9003) and silver (RAL 9006).

- surface–mounted or suspended

- surface–mounted, suspended or recessed into rastr M600


Lifetime: 50 000 hours (L90B10)
Standard model CRI > 80: 4000 K
Maximum system efficacy: 97 lm/W
Maximum ambient temperature (ta) +35 °C
Electric equipment: LED modules, current driver or current driver DALI
Maximum ambient temperature with emergency back-up source is +25 °C
Emergency back-up source with operating time of 1 (M1h) or 3 hour (M3h) (SA) with autotest
Optical system: highly specular parabolic louvre
Body: lacquered steel sheet
Cable gland: rubber (SBS) white
Terminal block: screwless, three or five pole
MacAdam = 3 SDCM

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