Metal industrial LED light fitting intended for extreme temperatures -40°C to +55°C, with diffuser made of transparent tempered safety glass, parabolic reflector.

The light fitting is suitable for sizable premises with high ceilings and extern ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +55 °C. The light fitting is destined mainly for heating stations, metallurgical lines, glass-works, but also for freezers, cooling plants and other premises without danger of explosion of gases, dusts and flammable vapors.

The light fitting is resistant to deformation, dust and splashing water.

Suitability for use




  • Light fitting protection: IP65
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 55 °C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = -40 °C
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours / L80B10
  • Standard model - CRI > 80: 4000 K
  • Possibility of using in even higher ambient temperatures under the condition of a shortened service life of the light fitting – parameters solved within a particular project
  • Possibility of delivery of the diffuser with a safety foil (SF)
  • The watt and lumen values can, in accordance with valid standards, vary by ± 7,5 %

Materials / finishes

  • Ventilation plug: type BVPB-01 made of polyamide, size M12 x 1.5
  • Sealing: EPDM attached to light fitting body
  • Diffusor: transparent tempered safety glass (TR)
  • Body: steel sheet, white colour (RAL 9003)
  • Reflector: parabolic polished aluminium with narrow emitting characteristics
  • Terminal block: interconnecting connector, 0.4 m cable

Electric equipment

  • Electric equipment: LED modules, current driver or current driver DALI

Attachment method

  • With help of a holder directly to the ceiling
  • With the help of adjustable holder directly on the ceiling or on the wall
  • With help of a chain hinge
  • With help of suspension eyes of M6


  • All versions delivered including suspension lugs (4 pcs)


Accessories to CANOPUS MAX NB TR

Drawings and graphs of luminosity

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PRODUCT VARIANTS AND TECHNICAL DATA Clicking the 5-digit code displays other product information.
Code Type Ta Max.
Luminous flux of LED modules
Luminous flux of light fitting
Power consumption
System efficacy
Net weight
For ambient temperature up to ta = 60 °C - body: steel sheet, white colour - diffuser: tempered safety glass with parabolic reflector (TR)
74670 CANOPUS MAX NB TR 22000/840 55 22000 19900 142 140 16.6
Type M1hAt M3hAt DALI DALI M1hAt DALI M3hAt
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 22000/840 74670 74671 74672 74675 74676 74677
base INOX
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 22000/840 INOX 74770 74771 74772 74775 74776 74777
74660 CANOPUS MAX NB TR 26000/840 55 26000 21200 153 138 16.6
Type M1hAt M3hAt DALI DALI M1hAt DALI M3hAt
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 26000/840 74660 74661 74662 74665 74666 74667
base INOX
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 26000/840 INOX 74760 74761 74762 74765 74766 74767
74680 CANOPUS MAX NB TR 30000/840 50 30000 26750 194 138 16.6
Type M1hAt M3hAt DALI DALI M1hAt DALI M3hAt
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 30000/840 74680 74681 74682 74685 74686 74687
base INOX
CANOPUS MAX NB TR 30000/840 INOX 74780 74781 74782 74785 74786 74787


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