Dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant closed plastic industrial LED light fittings with IP66 / IP69 protection and big span of mounting height.

The INNOVA LED light fitting product line brings a new view of solution of illumination. The light fitting is closed, fitted with interconnection connectors and non-dismountable during its operation life. TREVOS offers this light fitting with the option of delivering the respective cables, fitted with the necessary interconnection or connection connector, customized to the project, with cable length adapted to the customer's needs. That eliminates the traditional dismounting of the light fitting and connecting the cable to the terminal block, leading to considerable economy of time, see the video for comparison of connection.

The light fitting design includes sliding suspenders allowing the installation of the light fitting on the mounting suspenders of the original light. The span of the Innova light fitting suspenders is from 420 to 980 mm.

The light fitting is made both of high-quality PC polycarbonate and of chemically resistant materials and it is intended for rooms requiring high resistance against dust, spouting cold and hot water (IP66 / IP69) and impact IK10, even without shelter.

The selection of three light characteristics allows using the light fitting in rooms with a big span of ceiling height, from mounting height of 2.5 m to 12 m.

Innova ABS LED fixture has successfully completed an ammonia resistance and cleaning distance test performed by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

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