UV-C method

TREVOS offers UV-C germicidal light solutions for the effective purification of air, water and surfaces. This disin-fection method uses UV-Cradiation in the short-wave ultraviolet range, which has the power to kill harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, quickly. Our germicidal light is ozone-free at a specific wavelength of UV-C radiation at 254 nm, which ensures its maximum puri-fication effectiveness.

UV-C = 100 - 280 nm
Ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible to human eyes.
It can be subdivided into three categories


Every day, we visit public places, touch money or take a bus. We work in openspaces in big factories where we meet a lot of various people work. Therefore we risk a lot of infections from various viruses and bacteria. We want to help improve infection control and prevent cross-contamination in those spaces.

Since the end of 2019, we have been feeling enormous anxiety about Covid-19, this too contributed to renewed interest in UV-C disinfection.

We know that since 1878, UV-C has become a staple method of surface sterilisation, as well as for water since 1910 and air since 1935. Recent studies have shown that UV-C can been used against other coronaviruses, such as Sars and MERS.

Areas of application

COVID-19 infections can be caused by coming into by contact with contaminated surfaces. Moreover, COVID-19 can survive on plastic and steel surfaces for up to 3 days.

Micro-organisms on surfaces, which are not directly exposed to UV-C disinfection (hidden or shadowed) will not be disinfected. UV-C surface disinfection can be used for following areas.

UV-C is used for water purification and for sanitising drinking water. UV-C disinfection does not alter the physiochemical composition of the water. It only disinfects by killing viruses, microbes and bacteria.

Other technologies like using chlorine, ozone, bleach or chlorine dioxide will alter the quality of the water and leave residual traces, which can threaten health.

UV-C disinfects room air at times when there are no people present, e.g. during the night or in closed areas.


With our UV-C method of sterilisation our clients will get an effective, eco-friendly and non-chemical alternative of purification. Moreover, it has been a reliable and proven method for many years.

Meeting rooms, offices, beauty salons, schools, swimming pools, fitness centres and many other places can be lit up by the blue light each night to disinfect them and prepare them ready for the next day. Your employees will start to feel safer in their workplace.


We use Osram branded and high quality PURITEC UV-C lamps. These germicidal
lamps are 100% RoHS-conform conformed, Lead-free, very low mercury content and „Made in Europe“. Lamps operate in UV radiation at 254 nm (UVC) giving a cell-destroying effect of maximum efficiency, and are ozone-free.


We offer two batten design solutions:

A. Ceiling or wall surface mounted, power 30 or 36 W
B. Freestanding mobile room disinfection, power 30 or 36 W

Material: Sheet steel white or alluminium Available with or without a timer
We are well-known Czech Republic LED and fluorescent lighting manufacturer with 30 years of expertise. For the safe use of UV-C light equipment, our professionals can provide specialized risk management training. We also strongly recommend that UV-C disinfection luminaires should only be sold only to qualified professionals.

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