Non-maintained emergency luminaire for escape routes, available for use in high ambient temperature, ta = 50 °C, is intended by its function and shape primarily for being in a set with NANOTTICA light fittings.

It is recommended for escape routes of interior industrial rooms, storage halls, sports premises, agricultural buildings and laboratories without hazard of explosion of gases, dusts and flammable vapours.

It is resistant to dust, moisture and spouting water. The body and the diffuser made of polycarbonate (PC) have increased resistance against deformation and impact.

Atmosphere emissions must be considered, as they may reduce the usability of plastics at installation in aggressive environment, see p. 317.



  • Light fitting protection: IP66
  • LED module lifetime: 50 000 hours / L80B20
  • CRI > 80: 6500 K
  • AWEX emergency light module generates a luminous flux of 440 lm
  • 1-year warranty for battery, 2-year warranty for EM kit (unit + LED module)
  • High thermal resistance ranging from ta = 0 °C to ta = 50 °C also for basic Ni-Cd battery type
  • The watt and lumen values can, in accordance with valid standards, vary by ± 7,5 %

Materials / finishes

  • Diffuser: translucent polycarbonate (PC) = high mechanical resistance
  • Body: grey polycarbonate (PC), UV stable, impact-resistant
  • Reflector: steel sheet, white colour (RAL 9003)
  • Clips: polyamide + 15 % glass fibre or stainless steel + polyamide
  • Sealing: polyurethane (PUR), foamed body groove
  • Cable glands: screwed PG 13,5

Electric equipment

  • Electric equipment: driver, emergency module 1hr or 3hrs including NiCd battery
  • EM kit including Ni-Cd battery without autotest, LED module / EM kit including LiFePO4 battery with autotest, LED module


  • Package contains stainless hooks and stainless brackets


Drawings and graphs of luminosity

Nothing you say?

Check out instructions in which we explain what can be read from these graphs.

PRODUCT VARIANTS AND TECHNICAL DATA Clicking the 5-digit code displays other product information.
Code Type Autonomy
[hr. ]
Luminous flux of light fitting
[lm ]
Power consumption
[W ]
System efficacy
[lm/W ]
Battery type Power in standby mode
[W ]
Charging time
[hr. ]
Power in charging mode
[W ]
Net weight
[kg ]
Non-maintained emergency luminaire without autotest
103644 NANOTTICA 1.2ft PC NM1h 1 460 4.5 102 Ni-Cd 1.5 24 9 1.2
NANOTTICA 1.2ft PC NM1h 103644
Non-maintained emergency luminaire with autotest
103651 NANOTTICA 1.2ft PC NM3hAt 3 460 3.3 133 LiFePO4 0.7 12 3.5 1.4
NANOTTICA 1.2ft PC NM3hAt 103651

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