ALUMAX T8 ta60

Industrial fluorescent light fitting for high ambient temperatures of up to 60°C, made of aluminium with chamical resistance, with diffuser made of tempered safety glass.

The light fitting is suitable for the environment with high ambient temperatures (max. up to 60°C). We recommend to use it for bakeries, heating plants, metallurgical lines, transformer stations and cooker hoods.

The light fitting is resistant to deformation, dust, spouting water, greasy fumes and chemically aggressive environment.

Characteristics of the used tempered glass and its shattering power are controlled by the ČSN EN 12150-1 standard.

Suitability for use

Shopping centres
Shopping centres
Sports grounds
Sports grounds



  • Light fitting protection: IP66
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 60 °C (type PRIMA 258 ta = 55 °C)
  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = -30 °C (ALUMAX 118 and 218 type ta = -25 °C)
  • Certification: ESČ

Materials / finishes

  • Diffuser: tempered glass
  • Body: grey aluminium profile, surface treated with powder-coated colour
  • Reflector: parabolic shiny aluminium
  • Clips: stainless
  • Sealing: polyurethane sealing (PUR) in body groove
  • Cable glands: brass M18 x 1,5
  • Terminal block: screwless, three-pole (basic version)
  • Side covers: grey aluminium alloy with plastic side plates for fixation and suspension of glass at assembly, surface treated with powder-coated colour

Electric equipment

  • Tridonic Industry electronic ballast with higher thermal resistance

Attachment method

  • Directly to a ceiling or a wall with the use of screws and stainless brackets
  • To a ceiling or a wall with the use of FeZn sliding hangers in body groove
  • Attachment with the use of side hangers to the wall


  • Package contains stainless sheet suspension brackets and FeZn sliding hangers


Drawings and graphs of luminosity

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PRODUCT VARIANTS AND TECHNICAL DATA Clicking the 5-digit code displays other product information.
Code Type Power consumption
Luminous flux of light fitting
System efficacy
Net weight
Diffuser made of tempered glass - electronic ballast - T8/G13
44115 ALUMAX 118 ta60 E 1x18 1350 70 3.2 670 580
Type Code
ALUMAX 118 ta60 E 44115
44125 ALUMAX 136 ta60 E 1x36 3350 70 4.6 1282 1192
Type Code 1F 3F
ALUMAX 136 ta60 E 44125 44121 44123
44135 ALUMAX 158 ta60 E 1x58 5200 70 6.8 1582 1492
Type Code 1F 3F
ALUMAX 158 ta60 E 44135 44131 44133
44145 ALUMAX 218 ta60 E 2x18 2700 58 3.4 670 580
Type Code
ALUMAX 218 ta60 E 44145
44155 ALUMAX 236 ta60 E 2x36 6700 58 4.9 1282 1192
Type Code 1F 3F
ALUMAX 236 ta60 E 44155 44151 44153
44165 ALUMAX 258 ta60 E 2x58 10400 58 7.4 1582 1492
Type Code 1F 3F
ALUMAX 258 ta60 E 44165 44161 44163


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